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WP1: Characterization of T-SCI persons and healthy patterns 

The aim of WP1 is to gain knowledge about PU development process in T-SCI sufferers and their general needs, and determine the mechanisms that prevent healthy users from developing PUs. The results of WP1 will
be the key inputs to define the system requirements (WP2).

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WP2: Requirements of PUMA System.

The aim of WP2 is to translate gathered T-SCI needs and characteristics into requirements for each component and for the overall PUMA system.

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WP3: Development of the smart textile.

The aim of WP3 is to develop a textile based sensors and a  textile based electrodes enabling FES. Finally, a smart short will be developed using previous textiles and adjusting number and distribution of electrodes.

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WP4: Development of wheelchair components.

The aim of WP4 is develop/adapt the wheelchair components: dynamic pressure cushion, tilt-in-space system and user interface.

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WP5: Development of control system.

The aim of WP5 is to develop SW-HW control modules

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WP6: Integration and technical testing.

The main objective of WP6 is to integrate all components of PUMA System  and test technical performance and safety before starting test with healthy users and T-SCI patients.

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WP7: Validation.

The objective of WP7 is to validate the PUMA System along each phase of design and development to ensure fitting to T-SCI needs. Healthy users and T-SCI persons will participate in these tests.

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WP8: Dissemination and exploitation.

The objective of this Wok Package, being led by the Exploitation manager Mr. Keller from Qimova, is to facilitate and encourage the industrial and commercial exploitation of the results.

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WP9: Management and coordination.

The main objectives of this WP are the coordination and management of knowledge, IPR, Consortium Agreement (CA), financial, legal and contractual coordination and reporting as well as project risk management.

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