PUMA Results

concept1. Smart Short embedding the different tissue viability sensors and Functional Electro Stimulation (FES) electrodes in an electronic-textile short.

2. Dynamic actuation system (industrial design and possibly a patent), composed of the integration of Qimova´s ¨Comfort¨ tilt-in-space wheelchair and dynamic pressure cushion.

3. FES (Functional Electro Stimulation) Control (industrial design), controlling the parameters for muscular and vascular stimulation based on measured tissue viability for tetraplegic SCI.

4. Risk Measurement Control (industrial know-how), being the brain of the system receiving the measurement data from the smart short and assessing the risk of developing a PU, activating the FES control as well as the actuation control.

5. Actuation Control controlling the repositioning movements of the dynamic actuation system (R2) by adjusting independently the seat and backrest angles.

6. PUMA System (patent) preventing and early detecting the risk of PU development by measuring and acting on tissue viability.