Our project SME Consortium is composed of three SMEs complementing each other skills and competences for the proposed PUMA system, representing the key suppliers for the PUMA concepts and being the most relevant SMEs to absorb the results of the RTD performers.

  • Qimova. A Danish modular wheelchair manufacturer and AT distributor. Project promoter, coordinator and system integrator. Who will not only specify requirements related to the actuation systems (tilt wheelchair and dynamic cushion), but will in addition provide its knowledge and experience in the personalization of these. Moreover, Qimova with its extended distribution network will manage the exploitation of PUMA.

  • BerkelBike. A Dutch company specialized at FES therapeutic activities and providing the experience related to apply Functional Electrical Stimulation at SCI people. They will specify the requirements related to the positioning and number of FES sensors required for SCI people, as well as provide the stimulation, duration and intensity thresholds of muscle stimulation, toning and fatigue.

  • Sensingtex. A Spanish company specialized in electronic textiles will provide the embedment of the different measurement sensors as well as the FES system,  ensuring that the ¨smart short¨ will guarantee the sensors to be in contact with the skin while not increasing the risk of PU development.

Research and Development centres:

  • Biomechanical Institute of Valencia (IBV).  IBV´s expertise in assistive devices, pressure ulcer prevention and characterization of users with disabilities.  
  • Estonian Innovation Institute (EII). EII´s expertise in signal treatment, electronics and mechatronics of advanced systems
  • Centexbel (CTB). CTB´s expertise in smart textiles, optical fibres and printed electronics make them highly suitable partners complementing each other and guaranteeing the success of the project.

As a clinical validation partner we have the National Paraplegic Hospital of Toledo (FUHNPAIIN), who will provide its background and knowledge in the prevention of PUs and specific issues of T-SCI individuals. In addition, they will collaborate in the validation of the final device with real users.

As an AT prescriptor and distributor partner we have Via Libre (VL), the commercial brand of Fundación ONCE dedicated to help disabled people and distributing ATs in Spain. They will provide user requirements for the overall system and support the route to market.


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